Stuck inside…


hehe— i was iced in — and wrote about food–and the fact i cooked all weekend!

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Oh my, I have been confined to the house since this past Thursday due to the ice storm and I am about to scream. Literally. I’ve found that confinement has pushed me in to the kitchen.  When boredom strikes the pots and pans rattle. I don’t know if I have ever cooked this much in one weekend. There was chicken and waffles,  lemon meringue pie, lemon chesspie, peanut butter and jelly cookies,  7up pound cake, homemade chili, homemade pizzas and more.  Take a look at a few pics below. :)

Its amazing how Texas closes as soon as ice appears. I wasn’t complaining Friday,  day 1, but Saturday, I began to grow weary!  :(








Someone save me! Ice please melt… :)

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Real Quick — The Root — Cont’d (My thoughts)

After writing yesterday – I fell into deep thought — That post made me want to elaborate further–I am full of questions.  I asked myself” Why are violent people violent??” — The man/women beaters…  Violence is not only physical– verbal –and emotional violence hurt just as bad… I wonder was there some form of aggression displayed towards and/or around them in their adolescence?? How does one pick up habits that they aren’t or hadn’t been previously exposed to??

Root == the foundation of one’s very existence… Who you are — base on experiences  and/or encounters … My opinion… What do you think about the root?? Your root??

Before finding out the root — you must first identify and accept there are internal issues/ blemishes… Right? No one is perfect… Right??

 People… Why are you the way you are?? Why are WE the way we are??

What are your underlying issues??


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The root…

Have you ever wondered why there are prostitutes,  whinos, drug dealers, or any other morally corupt individuals?  Are you one of those people? Under cover maybe? Mmmm think loooong and hard on that?

If you answered no, ask yourself the following series of questions— have you ever lied? Have you ever slept with someone expecting anything in return–even if it was just love — to be a prostitute you not only do sexual acts in exchange for money/a little change, you could also be doing it for love, a car, a house,& ect… Have you ever gone to the doctor, been prescribed meds and shared them with a friend or family memeber?-mmmm…

I think we all have fallen short/guilty to some unclean/immoral acts at one time or another.  We may still be in the act…


Why do people do things that they aren’t proud of?

Don’t you think there is a root to our actions?

Somewhere at sometime, something occurred to make us feel a void or emptiness, that drugs, sex, the opposite sex, and other things help to fill (temporarily)

Is it abandonment?  Is/was it lack of love?

What is your root?

Think about it…


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good or bad hair? that is the Question. ..

good or bad hair? that is the Question. ..

good or bad hair? that is the Question

Who defines what hair type is good or bad?

I would like to know….

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Lovely Day…

Heeellooooo!!! Long time, no post….

My greatest apologies to you all… —- I had to post since I was online working on a few items.  I must say today is such a beautiful day… A nice Saturday to relax on my laptop and chill out!

Updates… I will begin posting beauty updates… When I say beauty updates, I am referring to products from make up to hair items.  I will refer to them as  ” My Monthly Looooves!”  If an item makes it to the “Monthly Loves” list, that means that I have to absolutely be in love with it.  I am extremely tough on products… With this in order,  it is only fair to have a “Monthly Bag It” list also.  I will begin completing various reviews on items, as well as taking any/all request you have for me.  Being “natural”, i receive tons of messages on Facebook (Rhe’Keisha Ta’Vonia), Twitter (@KeishaKnwsBtr), and Instagram (@Keishaknowsbetter) asking for me to share my daily regimens and many questions regarding what products I would recommend…

I have never been to cosmetology school, so the things I post here will be those things that have worked and are still working for me.  They will be in no way required of you to follow.  I will be open to answer any/ all questions you may have along the way.

Next: I will begin completing vlogs… I think they will be awesome and I like doing sharing information! :)

Much Much More Info to come!!!!!!

Well, I’ve said enough so far… I will be back soon!!! :)

Keisha — KeishaKnowsBetter

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Blah… Random…

Happy Sunday… I feel so blah right now.. I guess everyone has their days on which they aren’t over flowing with excitement, but they also aren’t sad about a specific thing either… I’m just blah… Sitting someplace between happy and sad… Guessing one would say I’m rather content… YEP.

I CAN say I feel kinda pretty for a blah day… My hair isn’t the greatest but I’m heck-a cute… Ill let u see an image below.. 

Well, since I’m writing I guess I can share how awesome I’ve been lately with my excercise regimen. Every morning I’ve been humping at the gym… 5am and not a minute later… Tomorrow I will begin a NO CARB diet. Yikes… I know. That piece will be tough for me, as I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl.   :'(   At any route, I WILL SURVIVE… Just pray for me and send your encouragement my way… I have well over 70 LBS to make disappear and soon. Lol

So that I don’t keep rambling, I WILL get off the page… 

Everyone enjoy your Sunday afternoon..

I love you!
Keisha ♥♥♥♥


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As i gaze from across the room…

His smile brightened the room…. As his eyes gazed into mine I felt it… Yes it! — The feeling every single woman loves… The feeling of some sort of connection…. ===Boy, was his demeanor and disposition amazing… Not to mention he was nicely dressed… O.M.G.— did I love what I was looking at…..




Then I see —- the worst thing a woman could ever see after nearly undressing the luscious man with her eyes…. —-> A DARN ring— right on the darn ring finger… – #Done –Even if he isn’t married, I don’t take those types of chances… I don’t bother those things that don’t belong to me.. :) #PointBlankPeriod  I’m Not down with other people’s property… No way Jose… (I’m one who beleives in the woman name Karma!)

I should have already suspected it— a man of his caliber wouldn’t be single…Not in this day and age…  Any great wowan would swoop him up… To bad it wasn’t me. lol

Oh well—- back to life, back to reality…


#TheLonleyOne (Not that I need a lil boo YET anyway…) :/

**Just felt like sharing… ***

PS: Happy Birthday to my aunt Angela (Anchie B) and Happy 46th Anniversary to my grandmother and grandfather… Love you Meme and Papa!!!! I pray you share many more wonderful years together.

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As I sit…

Sitting here on the bike at the gym… its approximately 5:37 am.. Yes AM!! I’m just as shocked as you are…

Back to my point for writing… I just noticed that when you are doing something you really don’t want to do or some place you would rather not be, your mind starts to wonder about things that would normally be far fetched.

I.e. Getting a hot guy here at the gym. Lol — See what I mean by far fetched???  :/  With this body? Phhhaaahhhhhhaaa…. NEVER. LOL..

My mind even went back home to my bed.. I’ve even taken a quick trip to Florida, Cali, and ATL. On these trips I pictured myself in a 2 piece swim suit. Lol –The only two piece I’ve owned or had in my possession is two piece leg and thigh from the local chicken shack. Really…

I guess the moral of This post is, “NEVER workout in the AM. Lol” IF you do, you must  be in sound mind. Lol

Please excuse any grammatical errors… I’m attempting to write as I go up a hill. Lol

Well, enough foolishness for now.. 

400 calories burned so far

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Times Have Changed…

Heeelllllooooo my loves!!!!

I only logged on to express how much I miss how things used to be…. Work used to be better… Love used to be better…. People used to be better… The world used to be better… Period!

Some of you are probably wondering, “What the hell is this girl talking about?” —- Well, allow me to elaborate briefly… I miss how things used to be in my life.  I remember when I used to wake up and knew I was going to a job where I was “kinda” valued— where I had not only a good team of individuals to work with –but a GREAT team of individuals who went to work feeling just the way I felt… I recall a time where life was at least the slightest bit interesting and full of excitement.  Nooooow===== I can not say the same….

I believe it is time to get back to feeling those feelings I once felt.

How about WE all get back to those feelings??? I know there is something you miss…. We owe it to ourselves to be happy on this earth we live on… Are you living with purpose and meeting (if not exceeding) your full potential?? If no, get up— RIGHT now— and make up your mind that you will LIVE, not just be alive…

Well— now that we all feel empowered— Its time for bed…

5 am will be here before I know it… Can’t miss my work out with sissy in the am… :)

I love you all!!!


PS: My prayers go out to my great friend Jazz and her family… I cannot imagine how losing a child feels, but please know that I love you and no matter what—I am HERE… God NEVER makes mistakes and he will NEVER put more on us than we can bear!  R.I.P Baby Sydnee Miller…   <3 <3 <3  I love you!

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What Have I Been Up To???–Tidbit

Are you ladies and gents happy to hear I’m back???

It has been an extremely busy past few months.  I need to find more time to balance writing and going through th usual daily tasks…

Any whoooo…. Baking, work, and life have been pretty good lately.  As usual, love has been of none existence…. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that im at a point in my life where love doesn’t fit… Yes, I said it… It doesn’t fit… I will find time to love when I have all of my ducks in a row.  Sound weird?? I must make certain that I am first and foremost— “THE BEST ME” that I have the potential to be BEFORE attempting to offer a terribly put together individual to a man of “GREAT” status(which is a must for me)… Really.. Think about it… Who really wants someone who doesn’t have it together and you feel you are the total package?? Yuuuuck…. I know many people feel that two people should be able to grow together, which is true to a degree.  The piece that most miss is that without a foundation, the two would have absolutely nothing to build on…. As Madea would say, ” Chiiiiile, I can do bad all by myself…”  What would two people still “trying” to get it together be doing for and with one another?? Nothing but wasting time… ooooor maaaaybe “SEX”… —- However, there comes a time when sex becomes one element that enhances a relationship, not defines it…. Me, myself, I can run without the stimulating act… When the time is perfect ooor at least right, that awesome prince will come and make himself known… until then—– work now and play later  it is!!!!

Whoa– didn’t intend on taking this post there(that topic is clearly one for another post–on another day), but I had to touch on my reasons for being single… It’s definitily a choice— not because I’m not a hot commodity… <3 hehehe :)

Moving right along— I’ve updated the other pages here on my blog— to include a little about my weight loss and baking… Check those out….

To come, I will begin giving out natural hair tips and or updates as well–since I have been getting tons of inbox messages on Facebook regarding my hair regimens and products I use daily.  Watch for those… :)

I must get out of here — this one is pretty short, but –trust me– there will be more to come… I have toooons to discuss with  you all! :)

<3 Keisha –yep I know better!



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